• Samantha Allen

Wedding Trends 2022: Modern Monochromatic Wedding Colour Palettes

Monochromatic, that is the biggest wedding colour trend for 2022! It is especially a perfect way to showcase your love for a chic contemporary design. A monochromatic wedding is one that focuses on just one colour that is included throughout the event, from venue, florals, decor, food and invitations, but it could never be boring, as you can work with many tones and varieties of that same colour.

How to pull off a cool monochromatic colour palette:

1.Stick with a colour palette that includes natural hues so your flowers and wedding décor don’t clash with your colour choice.

2. Pick one particular shade to be your main tone and then work in the other shades to complete your palette.

3. Apply the palette to a mix of materials from your flatware to the florals.

4. Have fun with your florals, consider using pampas grass, dried flowers and plants to your flower decoration.

5. Add creative wedding signage such as acrylic material signs